Opening Day at ProMat 2019 in Chicago

Welcome to ProMat, the largest material handing, supply chain, logistics and automation show in the world. Mojix will be here for the next 4 days presenting our newest generation of RFID technology and IoT platform solutions. In a world where people, products and places are always more and more connected, item-level visibility and inventory accuracy have never been more important.

Mojix offers businesses RFID technology and IoT platform solutions to solve the challenges of having a real-time view of their current operations and assets. Combined with predictive analysis, Mojix solutions provide businesses with the real-time information needed to keep a competitive edge. Asset management and tracking in real-time streamlines supply chain logistics, boosts return on capital, improves safety and mitigates operational risk – all with one flexible infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more daily posts from ProMat 2019.


Jim Donaldson

Jim is the Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at Mojix, Inc., a leading provider of ITEM LEVEL intelligence solutions to the retail and industrial markets. Jim has more than 30 years experience working for both start-up and public technology companies.


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