IoT is Revamping the Retail Industry

According to CIOReview, the Internet of Things is promising to revolutionize the retail industry, and the retailers are interacting with […]


RFID Enables Nearly 100% Order Accuracy for Retail

Using RFID, companies can triple their order accuracy and reduce chargebacks. According to a new research from the Auburn University RFID […]


Industrial IoT: How Connected Things Are Changing Manufacturing

THE PROLIFERATION OF smart things has reached critical mass. Products with wireless connectivity (from lightbulbs to thermostats to smart speakers) […]


Retail IoT is still coming into its own in 2019

The use of IoT tech in the retail sector is growing fast, but where’s the killer app? Retailers see some […]


Experiential Retail Guide: How To Create Better In-Store Experiences

In-store experiences have a profound impact on a customer’s purchase habits, satisfaction and loyalty to the brand, whether that person […]


The Rise, Fall and Return of RFID

Deborah Abrams Kaplan of Supply Chain Dive discusses how fifteen years after Walmart launched a costly pilot project, RFID sensors […]


Retail IoT: The new cashier-free stores transforming shopping

Cashier-free stores are shaping up to be the future of retail – but that future is likely to be led […]


What Is Digital Transformation And Why Should You Care?

Forbes contributing writer and tech company veteran Jim Miller discusses why we should care about digital transformation. He states that Digitization […]


Operational Intelligence: The Next Generation of Business Intelligence

RFID and IoT technology would seem to fit perfectly within the design of any solution that offers real-time operational intelligence. […]


Will the IoT Boom Change How Data is Analysed?

According to an article by Eileen Yu in ZDNet, the deluge of data generated by Internet of Things will impact machine learning […]

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