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Talk to an Expert A simple recipe for a powerful food safety solution

Your customers expect absolute accuracy, convenience, and quality.
Shouldn’t you expect the same from your supply chain?

Consumers are demanding transparency about their food and are holding food companies accountable for supplying that information. Organizations that fail to provide transparency and maintain high standards for food safety run the risk of spreading food-borne illnesses and triggering food allergies. There are also high costs associated with food product recalls, food waste, noncompliance with food safety regulations, and even loss of customer trust and confidence.

A new solution is on the table.

The food service industry has reached a critical moment. Razor-thin profit margins mean no room for error when it comes to inventory and quality control. But manual processes don’t just eat up time – they can often lead to costly inventory errors and wasted products.

The task of ensuring food safety from tracking products and ingredients to sourcing and distribution is becoming more challenging for food producers and providers alike.

Mojix is leveraging the power of item chain management to help restaurants automate their inventory, ensure accuracy, provide traceability, and eliminate waste with the power of innovative IoT technology.

Real-Time Food Safety Automation – Put more power in your supply chain menu.

Mojix delivers proprietary software combined with third-party hardware solutions to provide the food service industry with the tools to have never-before-possible levels of transparency about their products as they travel through the supply chain.

  • Digitize and automate your food supply chain
  • Collect, store, and analyze item-level data remotely
  • Track and view accurate inventory in real time
  • Connect your people, products, and places
  • Get end-to-end intelligence to improve your operations
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