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Fighting the Fakers: Challenges of Product Authentication in the Retail Industry

Counterfeit goods—illegitimately made or adulterated consumer goods—are the bane of the luxury goods marketplace. By some estimates, the business of […]


RFID and IoT Technology: Improving Military and Defense Applications from End to End

In the military, efficiency is critical. However, with increasing pressure to perform, respond, and adapt quickly to unknown situations, there […]


The Future of Retail: How RFID Technology is Driving Cost Efficiencies and Improving Customer Experience

More than 90 percent of the world’s retailers are investing in visibility platforms that leverage RFID technology and IoT to […]


Global Logistics Trends: How IoT Helps

At the rate technology is advancing today, it’s hard to believe the internet as we know it has been around […]


Technology and its Impact on Inventory Management

Inventory is a company’s most valuable asset, which makes inventory management a critical issue. As companies expand and scale to […]


The Role of Business Intelligence (BI) in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is notoriously complicated. Managing the range of connections alone can be daunting. With the myriad aspects of […]


The Impact of IoT in Manufacturing

With wireless connectivity becoming more ubiquitous, IoT has permeated our everyday lives. By some estimates, each person in the world […]


Why Does Healthcare Need the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way many industries operate today, providing efficiencies, optimizing workflows, and delivering critical […]


How IoT is shaping the future of supply chain visibility

The supply chain is one of the most visible beneficiaries of digital technology. Currently, 87 percent of all manufacturing companies […]


IoT in Retail: Today’s Opportunities for Retailers Around the Globe

IoT is changing the retail landscape in many significant ways. It changes the way consumers shop, and it has completely […]

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